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Brad And Angelina Are So Kinky! Two Gerbils, A Goldfish And A Cactus. Oh, My! 24.Aug.2009

BrangelinaHmm, let's see. Brad uses the gerbils to remind him of his Oceans days with his very close friend George. Angelina uses the cactus to remind her of her days with Billy Bob. And the goldfish throws itself into the trash compactor just for the fun of it. Now that's hot.

Seriously, the Chosen Ones are spending some time at their French chateau. Mom and Dad took the two oldest boys to the pet store for new pets. You know, to keep them occupied while they have sex in all those secret spots Brad was talking about. Hey, with six kids you've got to get it while you can. Sometimes being pressed for time and afraid of being discovered is an aphrodisiac all its own. Trust.

The Jolie-Pitts are spending some time in France between projects. Brad is basking in the glory of Inglourious Basterds's smash opening weekend. Soon Angelina will be releasing Salt, which will probably be a blockbuster in its own right. It must be nice to be box office gold.