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A-rod Known By Teammates As Bitch Tits, Known By Hooters Girls As Lousy Tipper 30.Apr.2009

My nipples are so sensitiveThe word of the day is gynecomastia. It's a medical term for idiots who juice themselves into a rounder, more feminine cleavage. Just look at the cans on that boy!

I'm sure if you ask A-Rod how he got such big, juicy boobies he'd say it was a result of serious weight training. And he'd be lying, but why should this be any different from all the other times he was asked about his steroid use. Unless you catch him in the act he will deny, deny, deny.

He's also a cheapskate. Waitresses at Hooter's reportedly hate his guts because he only leaves a 15% tip. That's just disgraceful, considering he makes about $50 million a year. He should be a little more generous with his Bitch Bucks.