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Kirsten Dunst Rushed To Hospital With Hula Hoop Issues 07.Feb.2008

I just don't get itBoy, everybody's going to rehab (or the psych ward) these days. It's like when everyone stopped eating meat to save the cows. Like any other trend, it won't last long, and the in crowd will move on to something else. On the upside, some folks who really needed some help will get it.

One such sad sack is Kirsten Dunst, who has been spotted coming out of clubs totally polluted for years. Worst for Dunst (or Drunkst as the blogs have affectionately coined her) are the morning after shots, where her hair is matted, her eyes are almost crossed and her snaggle tooth is sticking out. Not her best look.

Kirsten was said to be having a tough time since breaking up with her rocker boyfriend Jonny Borelli. She was spotted at Sundance being an incoherent mess; I'm not sure why this caused concern all of a sudden when she's been an incoherent mess for some time now. Is there such thing as being exceptionally incoherent? Whatever the case, Kirsten checked into Cirque Lodge this week and is said to be doing well.