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Kate Moss Sex Tapes! Ew! 23.Jul.2007

When will people get it through their heads that sex tapes are a bad idea? There is a laundry list of people who have been burnt by recording their romps. Paris, Kim, Pam & Tommy, Pam & Bret, Screech! It is a bad idea people.

Can we now add Pete Doherty and Kate Moss to the list? There is a good chance. That would be something those two would engage in. Don't get me wrong, I don't say "ew" because I think Kate is unattractive. She is a model, she has to have attractive attributes. I don't even think Pete is bad to look at, when he isn't all coked out. But that's the thing, what are the chances of a sober sex tape from these two? That has to be one sloppy recording. Like two homeless addicts going at it. But with better wardrobes.