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Oh Dear Lord. Someone Has Made Pastel Portraits Of The Hills Cast. 06.Aug.2009

Lauren CryingWhy is this necessary in life? It is it interesting to wonder what the ? artists? inspiration for drawing the cast was but it is even more trippy to wonder who is going to buy this stuff. Now, yes, most of the cast is very beautiful (except for grizzly icky Spencer. I mean what is with the beard. And Justin Bobby isn? t exactly stopping traffic with that rats nest of hair and lets not forget of course that half of Heidi? s face isn? t even real) but are they really art inspiring? According to artist Karin Bubas they are. The Bubas exhibition is called ? With Friends Like These? ? and is now on display at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia until September 13, 2009. But where is the portrait of the new Queen Bee Kristin? The Hills returns (in its regular live-action format) in late September. HeidiWhitneyThe Hills cast