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Larry King Is Still Out Looking For That Guy Who Shagged His Wife 07.Dec.2008

What does his bat have that mine doesn't? Actually, that's not Larry. That's Jonathan, a 176-year-old tortoise. They could be twins, though.

Larry certainly isn't moving much faster than Jonathan when it comes to divorcing his seventh wife, Shawn. Inside sources said that Larry was just waiting for Shawn to be released from rehab, but there haven't been any confirmed announcements. Shawn blamed her indiscretions with their son's baseball coach on her addiction to painkillers, but everyone knows she just wanted a little lovin' without liver spots. She probably didn't think he'd live this long, but he's been running on Geritol for years.

Did the often-sparring couple work it out, or did Larry get all tuckered out trying to fight a woman 26 years his junior? Between her unexplained absences and his heart trouble, it might have been more trouble for him to ditch her than it was to just put up with her transgressions and get his happy endings from the masseuse.