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Big Gay Al Puts Heartbreak And Domestic Captivity Behind Him, Unveils Bath House Physique 27.May.2008

Hi, my name is Al and I like to danceOh, Al. You don't know how much your downtown boys have missed you. They keep reading about you and your jacuzzi-hopping South Beach hedonist lifestyle, and they get all choked up. "Come home, Big Gay Al! Come home!" they cry, clutching each other's sleek, beautiful bodies.

Don't worry, debonair downtown boys. Big Gay Al isn't out of the running just yet. In addition to sleeping most of the day and bedding a different partner(s) each night, Al's been working out hard. Pumping iron. Reaching for the sky. He'll even turn his head and discreetly cough into his waxed and manicured hand if you ask just right.

Al misses his downtown boys, too, and sent along this little photo to hold them over until he can get a super-saver fare some time in the off-season. Until then, he'd be just honored if everyone would just gather around his picture in a tight little circle ... and talk about whatever pops up first. He knew you'd remember that game!