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Are Nick And Mimi On The Outs? He'll Never Find Another Job That Pays So Well 15.Jan.2010

What happened when Nick ate the last MallomarWhat, did he forget to prop her up while he opened the door? We all know Mimi can't stand or walk on her own. I don't know if it's the excruciatingly tight dresses or the fact that she can't see her feet anymore.

According to a source for Bossip, Mariah and her suitably subservient husband Nick Cannon are heading to Splitsville. Reportedly when the couple went to Vegas the Mrs. booked three suites: one for her, one for her husband and one for her wardrobe. No word on who the Jacks are bunking with, but I bet they piss in his shoes all the time. Maybe she does, too, now that he's worn out his welcome. She never did keep hired help for long. I wonder what kind of prenup he signed.