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Oh No They Didn't: Chris Brown And Rihanna Stayed In Same Nyc Hotel, Violating Court Order 26.Jul.2009

Sneaking around? Ever get the feeling someone's been pulling the wool over your eyes? I think these two have been getting together on the sly the whole time. While we've all been feeling sorry for Rihanna she very well may have been snuggled up with the piece of shit who pounded the snot out of her. She wouldn't be the first abused woman to take her beater back.

If so, their timing really sucks. Brown is due in court on August 5 for sentencing in the assault case. You know, the one where Rihanna didn't have to testify and didn't want an order of protection against her attacker. The judge put an order in place anyway, and if he's found in violation it could jeopardize the no-jail plea deal his lawyers have been working on.

This weekend Brown and Rihanna were both staying at the Trump International Hotel & Tower, in different rooms allegedly. According to the NY Post, they've "taken great measures to avoid public exposure", and neither has any official reason to be here. Did they think it would be a case of "out of town, out of mind"? Or were they hiding from their friends more than the cops? Brown has nothing to worry about, but I'm sure Rihanna's friends and family would be upset to hear she's back with him. I really hope she's got more sense than that.