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Oscar De La Hoya Ballerina Pose: Now That Looks Like Photoshop 23.Sep.2007

The others were good - it was hard to see any evidence of doctoring, and it was just too deliciously wicked to pass up. The latest release, a Swan Lake of sorts, shows Oscar in a frothy little white tutu with fur trim. Silly? Yes. But take a closer look - somebody's Photoshop's showing.

via x17 Online

I noticed two things right away that were just off:

1. Oscar's head is too big for that body. You can see a small gap between the head and neck as well (see 1. in photo).

2. The dude in this picture is flabby - check out his lovehandles! And he has small, girlie arms. Oscar may not be a heavyweight, but he is a professional athlete, one who has worn a championship belt more than once.

I'd say this is a pretty clear case of someone having an axe to grind with Oscar, whether it be the girl in the photos (scorned lover? stalker? starf***er? ) or some other individual. If I was Oscar I'd be a little concerned. Or maybe he knows who it is, and he's not worried. His camp has been pretty quiet since the first pictures broke. The girl is scheduled to be on one of the tabloid shows tomorrow night. She claims they had a year-long affair and can prove it. Obviously she'll have to do better than this if she wants to appear credible, but still. Whether it was a one-time fling or a torrid love affair, it looks like Oscar was somewhere he shouldn't have been. He's still got lots of 'splainin' to do.