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They Seriously Look Like Russian Spies. 16.Jan.2008

Tom and Katie in NYStereo-typical Russian spies of course. Yes, Katie and Tom have been trapsing around NYC in their stylish get-ups. Katie really looks the part with her bombshell brown bob which is very cute in a severe way. Katie is doing her usual reserved act on all the talk shows in which she sortuv talks like a robot and it comes off as quite creepy. Watching her be interviewed by Letterman the other night was almost uncomfortable. Especially when you look at her in earlier years when she did Letterman's show and she was so happy and light-hearted. She also discussed what Suri will do with her life and that she would be happy if her daughter wanted to be an actress. Katie! I think we have a few years before Suri has to choose a career. Katie often refers to her daughter as a very "strong woman." Okay.