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Sienna Miller So Wrapped Up In Balthazar Getty She Can't Keep Her Shirt On 08.Jul.2008

Even the nipple looks cheap: Image via NOTWMaybe that's his shirt she's wearing; it does look a bit big. Her head must be spinning. A guy that has four young kids like that, you know he's got a healthy libido, and if there's anything Sienna has proven in the last few years it's that she's up for the challenge.

Sienna can't seem to keep her pants on, jumping from one guy's bed to another, sometimes without even showering. (That is purely conjecture.) Ever since Jude Law cheated on her it seems she's thrown caution and her vagina to the wind, cruising the jet stream like a misguided weather balloon.

Yes, she's been sleeping around a LOT, but would she stoop to shagging a married man? It's hard to say. Most women wouldn't step over that line, but News of the World has photos of their cars parked together at the Chateau Marmont, and they say his wife, Rosetta, has "run away to Italy" with their children.

Sienna has been trying to keep a low profile, but I guess that's kinda hard when you can't keep your itty bitty titties in your shirt. I suppose a bra would just get in the way.