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Wall Street 2 Get Its Ingenue And So Does Shia Labeouf!! 25.Aug.2009

Carrey Mulligan and ShiaThe film can't find a villian but they have found the girl to play the love interest of Shia's young trader character and Gordon Gekko's estranged daughter. Carey Mulligan will be pretty unknown until her film, An Education, comes out this fall (she is best known for playing the third least annoying sister in Pride & Predjudice.) Carey plays a very smart English girl in the 50's destined for Oxford until she meets a handsome, wild chap played by the usually very serious Peter Saarsgard. Though the film looks great and also stars Emma Thompson and Alfred Molina only 10 people will probably see it so Wall Street 2 will be great for Carey. Shis doesn't need another blockbuster hit but he could use a girlfriend that isn't Megan Fox. The two have apparently been seen canoodling around New York City before filming starts. Maybe they are just running eachother's mouths.Carey Mulligan in An Education