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Ocean's 13 Looks Good 30.May.2007

Ocean's 13I am actually excited about Oceans 13. I liked Oceans 11 but I was absolutely baffled by Ocean? s 12. I didn? t understand how they did what they did and I was lost by that whole under water thing. It didn? t seem physically possible. Anyway this one looks great because as always it stars three of the hottest men on Earth; George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon (who sadly wears a fake nose for a lot of the film). Plus a new villain played by Al Pacino as well a bunch of other good actors. For something different and refreshing in the world of film the female lead ( I guess we can? t say ing?nue) is played by Ellen Barkin, who must be at least pushing 45. She looks great (wouldn? t you after you divorced a multi-billionaire and then sold the jewels he gave you at auctions) and as far as I can see she is the only woman in the entire film. I would not mind being in her shoes. I would definitely try to make-out with George Clooney.