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A-rod Definitely Not Having Fun In Toronto 13.Jul.2008

Failing to find the humorBetween fans like these and a positively hostile estranged wife, A-Rod must have felt like he was tied to an ant hill and covered with honey. Look, here comes the magnifying glass!

Is this all a result of Guy Oseary's media manipulations? He is Alex's and Madonna's manager, and used to be Lenny Kravitz's as well. Used to, that is, until he dragged Kravitz into the middle of the whole sordid A-Rod/Madge scandal. There are many who say he did it out of spite for being fired. There are many more who think it's just a publicity ploy for Madge's upcoming tour, like the divorce rumors.

Is Alex guilty of cheating on his wife? Yeah, most likely. It's kind of hard to dispute the repeated photographic proof. Has he been brainwashed by Madonna into being a Kabbalah zombie? I dunno. It's hard to say. She sure seems to be his type, kind of muscle-bound and manly, just like his soon-to-be ex. But would Madge really get herself jammed up in a tabloid mess like this? I think she's far too clever. Madonna knows how to manipulate the press better than any celebrity out there. She'll milk it for what it's worth and laugh all the way to the gym.