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The Comeback Begins: Britney Leaks Singles, Kevin Mingles. Who's Paying The Tab? 31.Aug.2007

Y'all can't afford meIf you or I made $750,000 a month (yes, a month!) we sure as hell wouldn't go out looking like this. At least she's wearing underwear this time. And what's that fuzz at the top of her head? New growth? No, simmer down, folks, it's just someone standing behind her.

Two of Britney's new singles were released online today. The first, "Gimme More", sounded like it was half a beat too slow, but I'm sure the remixes will fix that. The second, "Cold As Fire", was OK, too, but neither are the kind of monster hits we've come to expect from Britney.

Brit's appearance at the VMA's is said to be still on, with Criss Angel's smoke and mirrors mastery in full effect. Britney will seem to disappear and re-appear with the use of ... well, mirrors ... and backup dancers harnessed to simulate flight. It's that same cheesy trick he uses on his show to appear as though he's flying. Looks hokey on his show - hope it's better on stage. Britney really needs this appearance to work for her.

In other good Britney news, she is reported to have hired a topnotch private investigator to dig up some dirt on Kevin for their custody battle. The investigator reportedly followed Federline to Vegas and took careful notes of all his doings. With all the dirt he's been slinging her way, it's about time she fought back, and hopefully the tide will begin to turn in her favor.