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Nicole Richie Talks Smack On Hill Duff...and Nobody Cares Except For The Fact That She's Still Very Pregnant. 25.Oct.2007

Nicole Richie: Talks sh*t, but can she back it up? Chill BB.

According to Us Weekly rumor has it that super pregnant, Nicole Richie teases babydaddy Joel Madden about his two-and-a-half-year relationship with can-do-no-wrong-in-anyone's-eyes Hilary Duff!

"She will ask if he's going to watch Lizzie McGuire DVDs or listen to Hilary's albums," says the source. "Joel tells her she's being out of line."

Oh Nicole, way to be a hater on Lil' Miss Duff. You've only got 6 years, an uber-famous dad and a whole unborn child on her. Let Hill live, hater!