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Grumpy Old Man Ron Wood Gets All Grampy Knuckles With Girlfriend, Ends Up In Jail 03.Dec.2009

Don't make me tell you twiceThose crazy old rockers. Ron Wood is 62 years old. He left his wife of some 20-odd years for a Russian cocktail waitress young enough to be his granddaughter - she's now 20. They met when he was on a bender in a bar. He ran off with her on a mad binge during which his wife reported him missing and they've been together ever since. They've probably spent most of their time together blind drunk, and in typical fashion enjoy some real knockdown, drag-out fights. Ron's ex-wife Jo knew he had no business drinking, but Ekaterina is just a kid and probably got swept up in all the fame.

She might be having second thoughts about the whole thing now. Ron was arrested Sunday for "suspicion of assault with a domestic incident", which is bobby cop for "popped for beating the shit out of girlfriend". There's no word on Ekaterina's condition, but the cops took it seriously enough to keep him overnight. I just hope Ekaterina takes it seriously, too. She's a young girl in way over her head.