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Nancy Grace, Sexual Deviate, Uses Award To Demonstrate Pain Of Childbirth For Husband 14.Nov.2007

You won't feel a thing, dearNancy Grace had a difficult pregnancy; it's probably got more to do with her advanced age than with the concept of what comes around goes around, but you never know. Nancy's twins, John David and Lucy Elizabeth, were born prematurely on November 4.

Nancy suffered from pulmonary edema at the end of her term. In layman's terms, that's when your body keeps retaining fluids until your lungs fill up and you drown. It's often caused by blood clots. This past weekend Nancy started retaining fluid and having trouble breathing; by Sunday morning she was headed back in to the hospital for treatment.

Nancy's husband, David Linch, says she's "doing pretty doggone good" now that she's properly medicated. The twins are likewise doing well, both having been weaned from feeding tubes and now nursing from bottles. They're said to be out of danger from their low birth weight, and Nancy is expected to be released by week's end. We wish the happy new family much happiness. Especially the mama.