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Audrina Patridge And The Hot Guy With The Mohawk From Glee? How Does She Do It? 19.Nov.2009

Mark and AudrinaSorry Mark Sailing (said hot guy from Glee) but you are not yet a household name. And also really Mark Sailing? For someone who is on a show full of so many genuinely talented people, including yourself, you picked one of the most talented famous people around to canoodle with at a Us Weekly party. I mean Audrina is super pretty though she always has that vacant look in her eyes plus this is someone who voluntarily befriended Heidi Montag Pratt. Oh but I forgot. She is an actress and has appeared in such hits as Sorority Row and Deep Blue Sea 2. The girl obviously has a way of charming the menfolk since her last fling was Chris Pine. If we could get Chris or Mark on The Hills instead of stupid Justin Bobby and his gross-ass hair people might actually start watching it again. AP