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Sarah Jessica Parker Hits The Hay (and Oats) With Her Horsey Friends, Still Beloved For Big Feet And Teeth 31.May.2008

To market, to market, clippety-clopNow she can really throw her weight around. None of her SATC co-stars have their own site, especially one so touching, so poignant. The horses are so happy she's come back to the stable; they've missed her so.

Now you, too, can share the kindred spirit, the equine-amity, if you will, of Sarah and her friends as they canter through the park and saunter up to the watering trough by visiting The site, proclaimed "a loving tribute to New York's self-proclaimed aging fashion icon", features the teeth and hooves that inspired millions of women to become promiscuous as they approach middle age (the old "get it while you can" approach) - as well as some adorable pictures of her four-footed friends.

Now that SATC is in the can, what's next for Sarah? While she claims to want to spend more time with her suitably subservient husband and cute little boy, she has reportedly been sighted late at night in Central Park chasing the raccoons and crackheads. Could a future in the Hunt be in the cards? It would give her an excuse to ditch those painful heels.