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Ha Ha Ha Pwned!! Bam Margera Got His Ass Kicked By A Girl, In Hospital 12.Jun.2010

Betcha can't catch me ...: THUD.Such a pussy. Seriously, this is a guy who has proven time and time again that he can take a beating. If this girl put him in the hospital she was aiming for the bleachers.

Details are still sketchy, but apparently Bam has a bar in Pennsylvania. Bam was in his bar last night/early this morning when he got into some kind of altercation with a woman outside his bar, and when he tried to walk away from the woman she clocked him in the back of the head and put his lights out.

As of tonight Bam was reportedly still in the hospital, although his condition is not known. I hope it's not that serious ... and I hope Peach doesn't take the opportunity to exact her revenge on her demented son for all the times he trashed her house, her car, and her bathrooms. It would make for great TV, but I think he's been through enough. Plus, you know the guys at Jackass will never let him live this down.