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The Lohan Chronicles: Sapphic Love With Manly Sam Doesn't Keep Linds From Acting Like Long Island Trash 26.May.2008

Look at them! See how they glow with good healthThey're sure glowing with something. And before you bombard me with nastygrams, I live on Long Island, OK? There's good and there's bad. Amy Fisher was not a fluke.

While Lindsay and her new roomie Sam Ronsen make international headlines with their canoodling antics, the folks at the Hotel Du Cap in Cannes have had just about enough of la fourche de feu and her tacky, sloppy ways. She leaves her shit all over the place. She screams and yells. She smokes in the halls, dropping ashes and butts wherever they fall.

The upside? Folks say Linds and Sam are a sight to behold: Hotter than anything Grey's Anatomy has to offer, the two created a huge sensation when photographed in a romantic embrace at Diddy's boat party. Tabloids are said to be in a bidding war for Lindsay's "coming out story", but that could just be that slimy Lohan spin Mama puts on everything to up the ante. She's such a pimp.