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Enquiring Babies Want To Know: Are Nicole And Joel On ... Or Off? 22.Sep.2008

Oh, grow up, already!It's so unfair. Harlow isn't a stupid baby - she comes from two very bright people. Why is it that people think that just because babies can't talk they don't understand?

Harlow is putting her foot down. A strong-willed and independent young lady like her mother, she refuses to live in limbo. Are they staying in Glendale, which is nice and all, or are they finally going back to Grampy's big, shiny house where it's always like Chuck E. Cheese's? Mommy talks about it all the time, but Daddy usually changes her mind and they go in the other room and make funny noises. That better not mean what she thinks it means; Harlow's not ready to play second fiddle.

It doesn't help that Daddy does stupid things sometimes. Last year Mommy almost broke it off because of the Blohan (I'm telling you, babies know these things); then there was the troll, and just last week it was that Barton girl. Mommy knows he wasn't smiling at her; he was laughing at her, but still. He should know better. Mommy talks a tough game, but Daddy holds her heart in his hands.