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Jenna Jameson, Dwindling Porn Star: Matchsticks In An Athletic Sock 21.Aug.2007

Is she ill? Is she tweaking? Does Tito not feed her anymore? Whatever the case may be, Jenna Jameson is wasting away. Will no one give her a sandwich? She can't even get her boots to stay up.

Even her silicon looks scrawny

Lately Jenna has been lashing out at paparazzi for saying that she's too skinny. Um, OK. What would you call it? Her bones are not only sticking out, they're the only thing stretching her skin these days, with the exception of whatever she's got pumped into her lips. She's giving Lisa Rinna a run for the money.

Whatever's going on, Jenna's not talking. She denies any drug problems and swears she's healthy. If she think that looks healthy she's definitely got a little touch of the ano going on and someone should get her to a doctor before one of her organs give out.

And speaking of "someone", is someone in Jenna's life doing her more harm than good? Her guy, Tito Ortiz, is a big, beefy dude. Does he just like scrawny chicks, or is he just enjoying the ride? How can anyone watch a woman who wears so little waste away to nothing and claim not to notice? Am I asking too many questions here? Maybe. But I think that Jenna's getting worse, and I hope someone helps her before it's too late.