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Oh, Sadness! Ed Mcmahon Is Dead At 86 24.Jun.2009

Ed McMahonPoor guy. He had a distinguished career, most notably as Johnny Carson's sidekick on The Tonight Show, but he did so much more.

In recent years Ed's career was overshadowed by serious financial problems - I guess you can't live the good life indefinitely if you don't keep bringing the cash in. It doesn't help that his last wife was allegedly an extravagant spender. Their multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills mansion was almost auctioned out from beneath them a few times, but I guess he managed to hang on to it a little longer.

In addition to the hardship of being buried in debt, Ed was also a victim of bone cancer, which was said to be exacerbated by a mold problem in his house. He leaves behind a wife and five children, and hopefully is finally at rest.