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Shades Of Desperate: Heather Graham Flaunts Her Fishbelly 11.Jun.2009

I'm available. I'm so available.And nobody wants to see that. Pale, pasty skin is just ... pale, pasty skin. It's not as bad as Blohan Orange, but still.

Heather Graham has just been screaming, "Look at me!" with her wardrobe choices for her latest promos. First it was the overstuffed bodice on her strapless gown. Overhang is just tacky. Yes, we know you have boobies, Heather; now put them away. You're scaring the children.

I don't know where she got this dress but it looks like something a shot girl or pole dancer would wear. It's not red carpet material, that's for sure. I hope Heather gets the love and attention she needs soon. If her desperation pushes her over the edge there's no telling what she'll do, and we have enough nipple flashers and commando mini wearers in Hollywood already.