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No Really. Do They Not Socialize With Anyone Else? She Is 15 For God's Sake! 10.Dec.2008

Taylor and ChaceApparently Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford were seen making out at a party the other day. I guess Chace didn't like the fact that the writers nixed the whole Little J/Nate thing. This was obviously because the audience wasn't responding. What makes them think we want them together in real life? Plus now there is the added bonus that Chace is 8 years older than 15-year-old Taylor. When she played little Cindy Loo-Who he was already swept up in the throngs of puberty. Speaking of Gossip Girl, apparently there is a spin-off in the works but who it will star? In the books Jenny Humphrey got her own little story but supposedly it is not her. Maybe Vanessa will get a little Brooklyn world, though I guess that would defeat the purpose of Gossip Girl. Maybe it could just be about the Blair wanna-be's like Penelope or maybe it will be about Dan and his neurosees. Dan Humphrey