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Linda Hogan Not Welcome At Wild Indian Saloon. Men Of Legal Age Too Old For Her Anyway 06.Jul.2008

Giving White Oprah a run for her moneyHere's a woman clearly not thinking with the top half of her body. Midlife crises are not exclusive to men, but most women who date men half their age have the good sense to be discreet. Not Linda.

After touring Florida's nightlife with her barely legal (but not old enough to drink) surfer boy, Linda has earned the wrath of parents everywhere. Not that she was such a role model to begin with, but this is ridiculous. Even her daughter won't speak to her anymore.

When she's not banging the baby food, Linda spends the rest of her idle time trying to paint her husband, the Hulkster, as the unstable one, claiming he's stalked and threatened her. Meanwhile she was the one following his car through traffic. Bitch is out to lunch without a sandwich. As she and her soon-to-be ex squabble over what's left of their "fortune", the Graziano family is preparing to take them to the cleaners, and rightfully so. Surprisingly enough, the only one in the family who seems to have any sense is Brooke, who's keeping both parents at arm's length. That whole name change thing is looking better and better.