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Vegas Kills: Pam Anderson Wraps Up Gig With Hunky Blond Magician, Parties With Skanky Unbathed Poseur 10.Dec.2007

How many of me do you see? Poor Pammie. She looks so f***ed up you could put her next to a coat tree and she'd start humping and thrusting her chest out. But Criss Angel? I can't believe they're still letting that skeeze into clubs. Vegas can't be that hard up. Even his ex-wife isn't that hard up. Have you ever noticed he seems to insert himself into pictures all the time? Right before the VMA's he was all over Britney; when she flopped he disappeared. This is also the slimeball who said he was in love with Cameron Diaz strictly to boost his media profile. He probably cleaned her gutters or unclogged her drain once five years ago.

The trio must have been pounding back some serious booze - all three are totally ossified. I wonder how well all this sat with Pam's new husband, Scum. Do you think he'll understand when she comes home with Angel prints all over her bazoombas? Maybe he's hiding in the closet with a camcorder and a bottle of hand lotion. Maybe this is Pam's final blast and she's going to retire back up in her homeland, Canada. I can't imagine Scum living in a log cabin out in the woods, though. Nor Pam for that matter ... unless her connection was close by.