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Dark Knight Christian Bale Beat Some Dogs, Not His Mom And Sis. It Was Only A Movie, Peta. 23.Jul.2008

Talk about Ka-POW!I mean, really. They were stunt dogs. The folks over at PETA really need to lighten up, get a life, gnaw on a little bacon ... whatever. It's not like the old cowboy movies where they'd use trip wires to make the horses fall; many broke their leg(s) and had to be put down. I guess PETA is worried that people might emulate a man they see fight for his life against attack dogs. Just lay there and let them rip into a few main arteries, people. Whatever you do, don't hurt the animals. (And no nastygrams - I'm the biggest animal lover.)

After The Dark Knight made its European premiere in London, the media broke the news of Christian's arrest in London for allegedly "assaulting" his mother and sister. The assault was more of a verbal tirade than a physical attack, and the police waited until after the opening to bring him in. They're just so very proper on the other side of the pond.

Did Christian assault his mother and sister? Sources say he was "trapped" in his hotel room by paparazzi and fans and that he just lost it when his mother had nasty things to say about his wife. He is also said to be deeply depressed about Heath Ledger's death, having grown especially close to him during the making of the film. Hopefully he'll be able to step out of its shadow and enjoy the fruits of his success.