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Did Mischa Barton's Sister Overdose On The Same Day Mischa Got Her Dui? 10.Jan.2008

That's not Tic-tacsTalk about two children in need crying out for help ... how did these two get so screwed up? And why do we never see pictures of those parents? Like, ever? With two charmers like these, you'd think they grew up in a doublewide trailer next to a boggy swamp, but the Bartons are English, thank you veddy much. Is that Buckingham Palace English, or Kate Moss/Amy Winehouse English? There is a difference, you know.

Whatever their bloodline, the Barton girls are a sorry mess. Mischa has blown any chance of reviving her lukewarm-at-best career with DUI and drug charges. Her sister, Hania, has struggled with her addictions (sometimes very publicly, as pictured here) for years, but was said to be clean for a while. That changed the day Mischa got popped. Sources say that twelve hours later, Hania was discovered by the family bodyguard (doesn't every family have one? ), "obviously overdosed on drugs". The guard called her mother and they rushed her to Cedar's Sinai, where she suffered convulsions. Hania later admitted overdosing on Soma, a muscle relaxer, and was released six hours later after demanding to be let go. She left with her big sister, probably to smoke a few joints and blow a few rails.