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The Dick Pic Chronicles: It's Little And It Hooks To The Left, But Is It Favre's? 09.Oct.2010

Who to believe? My Gawd how embarrassing. You can see the pics of what's purported to be the penis of the legendary Packer here. Just the fact that there's been no comment from him is a little disturbing. I mean, if I was a big macho football player, a notorious manwhore who's been chasing skirts other than his wife's for years and somebody published pictures of a teeny peeny and claimed it was mine but it wasn't, I'd be raising a ruckus. We're getting nothing from Favre. Could that mean that he's embarrassed and he's in the doghouse with the Mrs. (again)?

It all started last week, when a pretty, young reporter (and former Playmate) named Jen Sterger revealed that she has texts, voice mails and of course the dick pics from Favre. She says he was trying to get her to agree to some hotel sex but she turned his tired old ass down. Not everybody believes her, though, and it could be a scam, like that alleged Tiger Woods sex tape that will either never see the light of day or will be so obviously fake that it'll maybe earn both the hooker and her new marketing genius boyfriend a nice state-funded vacation. (They started a website so they could pre-sell a few copies; surely no one is that stupid.)

It could, however, be the real deal. It wouldn't be the first time Brett's wife caught him dickmatizing random whores, and there are whispers that this could be the straw that breaks the marriage down. She's stuck with him through his addictions to Vicodin and alcohol, and she forgave him the last time, but this is pretty bad. And terribly embarrassing for both of them. It may prove costly, too, because Favre makes a lot of money on endorsements as a wholesome family man. Ain't nothin' wholesome about that anemic little pig-sticker.