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Green Lantern Owned By Black Widow: Ryan Reynolds Pitches A Bitch, Scarlett Goes To Comic Con Alone 28.Jul.2009

You're gonna be in big twouble ...Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to present today's douche of the day. Nothing is more annoying than a wannabe A-lister going diva on his A-list wife - and screwing his bosses at Warner Bros. in the process.

Despite their best efforts to keep their marriage under wraps, whispers are starting to spread about Ryan and Scarlett having trouble. They're fighting a lot, most notably on the way to Comic Con last week - and it got so bad Ryan stayed home, neglecting his promotional duties for Green Lantern at the biggest show of the year. Scarlett allegedly threatened to take off her wedding ring, but she's lost so much weight it probably slides right off anyway. Being a true professional, however, she still went on to promote her Black Widow role in Iron Man 2.

Just who does this guy think he is, anyway? Sure he's a hot hunk of flesh and he's gotten a few lucky breaks, but he's far from an established opener. The studio bigs went through a lengthy vetting process to cast him in this potential blockbuster. If this is any indication of how things will be during production, they've got their work cut out for them.