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Run, Suri, Run! The Tomager Wants To Make You A Star 17.Dec.2008

Supermodel SuriHey, he's got to have something to fall back on, now that his career is in a bit of a lull. A deep lull that's growing deeper with each box office flop he's driving. A lesser man might be filled with despair, wondering how he'll be able to keep his family in a giant mansion with a legion of security and an army of helpers, but not Little Man Cruise. He's looking at the big picture.

If he wasn't sure before what to do with all the endless hours on his hands while Katie plays that stupid show, he is now. It gets clearer and clearer every day ... each time he takes little Suri out for a walk, or to Build-A-Bear, or for ice cream. He's grooming her for superstardom. No Disney series or bubblegum musicals for her. He wants her to be the next Elizabeth Taylor.

It's not like it would be a stretch. Suri has such presence; she looks right at the camera boldly. At least when she's not crying and hiding from it. But that, too, shall pass, once she connects the cameras and lights with Daddy's approval. When the crazy camera people go away, Daddy is sad. When they come back, Daddy is happy. Suri's no slouch, and will do whatever it takes to keep Dad happy. Otherwise she'll never finish digging that escape hatch. Oops. Forget I said that.