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Pamela Anderson For Vivienne Westwood: Finally, A Place To Hang Her Rack 10.Feb.2009

Well, gosh golly. She fits in real nice with this crowd. They won't make her wear her pants if she doesn't want to. Hell, they don't even care if she wears any clothes at all.

Pambo has finally found a fashion line she feels is worthy of her questionable talents and excessive wear and tear. She's representing Vivienne Westwood, whose quirky, off-beat styles have made tacky and trashy look hot as hell for more than 30 years. Hell, she dressed the Sex Pistols! Pammie's all over VW's website, looking cranked out of her gourd. This, by the way, was one of the better pictures. I've never seen so much silicon, trailer park and laundromat crammed into one place. Ai, mami!

In case you're wondering, the circus freak-looking dude is not a stand-in: He's Vivienne's husband, Andreas Kronthaler. I'm not sure about that Great Dane, though. He wouldn't give his name, and was careful to avoid eye contact with Pam on his way out.