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Is Nicole Richie Coming Apart At The Seams? It's All Lindsay's Fault 05.Jun.2008

Does it look like I'm having fun? !? Well, not really, although that hitting on her Joel thing was devastating. For all anyone knows, it could be postpartum depression, or lingering effects from her substance abuse treatment.

According to those mysterious inside sources, Nicole is on the brink of nervous breakdown and it might affect her and Joel's summer wedding plans. That would be a shame, as they do seem to be a happy couple and well-suited for each other. Joel does seem to have been a good influence on Nicole as well; he's been rock-solid in his support of her during her legal (DUI) ordeal and its terrifying 84-minute incarceration. He helped her learn to like food again. In turn, Joel's happy family life has inspired him to get back in touch with his father and reconcile after years of estrangement.

So Joel and Nicole seem to be on the right track happily ever after. The only thing that could rain on their parade is if Paris turns out to be pregnant after all. That scene-stealing bitch.