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Did Jon Gosselin Frame Hailey, Trash His Nyc Apartment For Publicity & Insurance Money? 27.Dec.2009

DOUCHETARDWell of course he did! What else can he do? TLC won't let him out of his contract and wouldn't let him scrub their toilets, never mind another reality show. They're just going to sit on that contract until it expires, smacking him down every chance they get.

He hasn't been paying his bills. Child support is compounding weekly and he's got nothing coming in. Well, he did have Hailey paying half the rent on his Upper West Side apartment, but she moved out, and it turns out he wasn't paying the landlord anyway. Hailey's rent money became Jon's spending money. She was footing the bills and didn't even know it.

And now someone has mysteriously "broken into" Jon's apartment and trashed the joint. There was also a note "speared" into a dresser that was allegedly signed by Hailey, but she's been questioned and released by the cops. So who did it? I think it's safe to say it was an inside job, and the only two people with access were Jon and Hailey. If he pads that insurance claim the "right" way he'll have enough for the child support and maybe a few lap dances or a couple of 40s.