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Johnson & Johnson's Cancer Payout 24.Feb.2016

Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million the family of an Alabama woman who died from ovarian cancer, which she said was caused by using Johnson & Johnson's well-known baby powder and other products containing talcum.

A jury in St Louis Missouri awarded $10m of actual damages and $62m of punitive damages to the family of Jacqueline Fox, her family's lawyers said.  Marvin Salter her foster son, took over as plaintiff following his mother's October 2015 death at 62, more than two years after her diagnosis.

He said his late mother used the iconic talcum powder as a bathroom staple for decades.  "It just became second nature, like brushing your teeth,"

In May 2009, a coalition of groups called the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics began pushing Johnson & Johnson to eliminate questionable ingredients from its baby and adult personal care products. After three years of petitions, negative publicity and a boycott threat, the company agreed in 2012 to eliminate the ingredients 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde, both considered probable human carcinogens, from all products by 2015.

Jacqueline Fox, of Tarrant, was among about 60 women who sued Johnson & Johnson after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Fox's case was the first to come to trial among that group of women. The company now faces hundreds of other lawsuits.