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Tomkat Spat? Katie Tells Tom She Needs Some Breathing Room 18.Sep.2008

Um, yeah, missed you tooNo, they haven't separated. He would never let that happen, at least not with Suri. No, Tom was driving Katie nuts with his incessant demands for attention and she finally put her (bigger) foot down.

While rehearsing for her Broadway debut, Katie tried to make things work. Tom originally insisted that Katie make the time to fly back to LA each week so he'd have someone besides the hired help to kick around. She tried at first, but the demands of her role were wearing her down. Tom, being the little despot that he is, said that if she wouldn't fly out to the West Coast to be with him, he'd just fly to New York to be with her. His eagerness to join his wife wouldn't have anything to do with her reunion with a former co-star, would it?

Katie, however, just wasn't buying it. She told Tom he was smothering her and that she needed some time alone to prepare for her role. She's desperate to revive her once-promising career and doesn't need her little husband hogging the spotlight everywhere they go. And she's right; a little me time is always good.

Tom left it alone for a while, but made sure he was in town for her premiere (which is tonight). I hope for her sake the reviews are good, otherwise the Church of the Barley Milk will have to mobilize the milkers to inflate the box office draw. And they will. But it would be nice to see Katie have a legitimate independent success. I'm rooting for her ... and I know Suri is, too.