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Jennifer Aniston Dreams Of Keeping John Mayer's Big Trouser Snake All To Herself. The Clock Starts Now 21.May.2008

Not likelyGirlfriend, you should know better. Any man that is that good in the sack is not a keeper. He got that way with practice, and he's not about to put his racquet away just yet.

Jennifer Aniston is over the moon about John's bedside (and bedtop and tabletop and hanging over the balcony) manner. She's never had it so good - she's even telling her friends that John is a better lover than Brad. Sure. Then he left her for Angelina and learned what real sex is all about. He just has the good taste not to tell everyone about it.

The clock starts now. Hell, it's already ticking. Jen might last a bit longer than someone like Jessica because she's got a brain and can hold an intelligent conversation, but he's not the marrying kind and dicknosis (like hypnosis only with a beefy member) only lasts so long. Sooner or later they'll have to climb out of bed, and his eye is sure to wander. She'll be burning his ballsling on the beach before you know it.