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The 2009 Video Music Awards Liveblog: Michael, Janet And Lady Gaga Put On The Best Show In Years 13.Sep.2009

Better, because it's back in New YorkI was a bit skeptical at first: Madonna opening the show with a tribute to Michael Jackson, but I was blown away. Madge spoke honestly and frankly about the brilliance and tragedy that was MJ's life. It was deeply moving, especially for someone who grew up with Billy Jean and Thriller. His sister Janet's performance was equally powerful and also brought a tear to my eye.

And then came Gaga. Lady Gaga took the house down with her Paparazzi song. So many of today's stars can't sing for beans - not the Gaga. She is amazing. You could say she's the new Madonna, but I think she's got more talent in her little pinky than Madge has gristle.

This is the first time in years that the VMAs are rockin' it old school. No fluff pieces, no celebutantes, and no Jonai. Now if they could only get rid of all those lame-ass reality shows and go back to the original format. I was 15 when MTV went live: I remember the premiere and the first videos. It changed the face of music, for better or worse. Too bad these days it seems to gravitate more toward the latter than the former.