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Now That Chelsy's Gone, Is Paris Moving In For Some Royal Hot Ginger? Run, Harry, Run! 29.Jan.2009

If Ramsay's the PM, I'm the Pope, you idiotThe Queen will not be pleased. Prince Charles will just have to speak with him. Skydiving and war games are one thing; infecting the royal family tree with the gift that keeps giving is another.

This, by the way, is not Prince Harry, although it does kinda look like him. Look at Wonky's face, too. She must be wasted, drooling down her chin and tripping over those size 11 feet. (They really are that big.) Pictures can be deceiving. The poor guy really isn't that into her; he just needs to go to the bathroom and can't get past her. The guy in the back knows, and is praying for him.

Not that Harry needs our prayers. He can handle a few drunk and disorderly bar hags. If he can survive Camilla he can survive anything. As much as he misses Chelsy, he knew it wouldn't last forever. Now that she's finishing school she wants to go home to South Africa, and he's not about to relocate, and so their five-year union is no more. It has ceased to be. Harry can frolic with a free conscience, and Chelsy can drown her sorrows in spray tan. She looks good in orange.