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Shoot The Stylist! Who Is Responsible For Turning Hilary Swank Into Janet Reno? 28.May.2008

An eerie resemblanceHilary is one of those women with an incredible body but a somewhat masculine face. If anything, her hair should be styled in soft layers or waves to gently frame her face and cushion its rugged planes. This kind of super-short style is great for 85-lb. anorexics, but for a normal healthy woman like Hilary it's just too harsh.

Having said all that, maybe it's for an upcoming role. Hilary is an amazing actress - if you haven't seen Million Dollar Baby rent it, but be forewarned: It is dark. And heartbreaking.

I wonder if this was her once-manager now-lover's idea. They've certainly gotten tight since she split with the nice(r) Lowe brother. She must be happy because she's been keeping a low profile. Either that or she's waiting for her hair to grow out.