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Holy Messiah! The Wonder Twins Are Alive, Well And Eating Ice Cream 05.Oct.2009

Better get extra napkinsWell, gosh golly, aren't they just the cutest? !? Those Brangelina genes sure do make pretty babies, don't they?

Brad and Angelina decided to take Knox and Vivienne out for ice cream while traveling in Jordan. Who knew they even had ice cream over there? Anyway, the golden couple took their chosen ones out for a public treat, and the shop owner snapped this shot and Twittered it. Go figure.

Funny, isn't it, that when Brad and Ange are photographed in public together that they're almost always smiling and laughing. Does this look like a couple at each other's throats? Yes, she probably really does hate his billy goat scruff, and he probably wishes she'd eat a good meal and stop wearing a bed sheet everywhere she goes, but still. They don't look miserable. We should all be so lucky.