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Better Late Than Never: Blake Incarcerated Files For Divorce, Seeking Half Of Whatever's Left 13.Jan.2009

Soon to be just another junkie againMaybe he ran out of commissary money. Or maybe he's run up such a tab with prison smack dealers that he's cashing in his chips now for whatever he can get, especially now that Amy seems to be off the drugs and probably won't die any time soon. Why now? It certainly can't be jealousy - this is not Amy's first affair. All the same, if I was a banged up, weasel-faced parasite like Blake I'd be worried, too.

Whatever his motivation, an attorney for Blake confirmed to The Daily Mail that he had instituted divorce proceedings on behalf of the notorious junkie on the grounds of adultery, seeking half of her alleged $10 million nest egg. What, his repeated cheats don't count? He may not have had sex with all those other girls who came to visit him when his wife was too strung out, but that's only because he couldn't do it, not because he wanted to remain faithful to a marriage that never should have taken place.

Amy, for once, is unperturbed by her husband's latest action. She's still gettin' sloppy down in St. Lucia. If the natives don't drive her off the island she'll stay at least another week, plunking down thousands more on top of her hospital stay and this never-ending vacation. If she doesn't stop spending and start making music soon, she's going to end up like Gary Coleman. Or Taylor Dane.