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Nick Carter Has Found His True Love 18.May.2007

Paris used to make the same soundsNick Carter is a changed man. Sick of striking out in crack dens and campgrounds with underage members of both sexes, Nick has finally settled down.

Meet Finola. She marches to the tuna Nick's drum. She's clean, quiet and doesn't hog the covers. And she's a cheap date, but can be a bit of a handful on windy days. Best of all, she's always ready for fun in the sun.

Nick's love life has been full of ups and downs since Paris cheated on him, he beat her up and she dumped him. He's never been even close to B-list since, but is hoping Finola can help him turn that around. Insiders say she's deceptively well-bred and poised under pressure. Nick is said to be very excited about bringing her home to meet his mom, but only after she gets rid of her cat.