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Finally! Howard K. Stern And 2 Doctors Arrested For Doping Anna Nicole. Now If Only They Could Find The Money 14.Mar.2009

Just for you, HowardWhat money? I'm not talking about the old geezer's estate. I'm talking about the thousands Howard was siphoning from her accounts as he drugged her to death. How do you think he's been supporting himself? Nobody believes it was a coincidence he was out when she died: he didn't let her pee unattended. I think he administered a whopping fatal dose and went for a stroll until it was over.

It's taken two years, but justice is finally being served in the tragic death of poor Anna who was more than a little bananas. The world's most shameless and despicable enabler was charged with obtaining the drugs he used to control and manipulate her. He and the two doctors repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose," said California Attorney General Jerry Brown. None of the 11 drugs found in Anna's room were prescribed to her: eight were prescribed to Howard, two were to someone else and one was even in her one of the doctors' names.

These people were all in this together. They even gave her methadone when she was eight months pregnant! Poor Anna never had a chance. I hope the doctors lose their licenses, and I hope that Howard gets the stiffest sentence possible, but most of all, I hope that Anna can rest in peace a little now.