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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets The Most Death Threats On The View, And They're All From Joy Behar 30.Oct.2008

Then we climbed into helicopters and shot them all deadWell, maybe not all of them. I think Barbara throws a few in now and then, when she just can't resist the temptation. Whoever the senders may be, Elisabeth wins the death threat contest by a landslide. I can't believe she hasn't left the show yet; the Star Jones wedding whore debacle was nothing compared to the grampy whoring that's going on now.

While Elisabeth continues to blat on about her Republican heroes and all the sexist pigs who somehow have a problem with a fame-hungry dimwit riding shotgun, her co-hosts have been grinding their teeth down to nubs. It's said that Elisabeth and Joy are no longer on speaking terms when the cameras aren't rolling - they're screaming at each other.

But that's not all. In her new show, Joy has been mimicking the hideous lime-green coat Elisabeth wore to Palin's "Just Plain Folks" rally. Word of Joy's Hassel-bashing got back to the little conservative, who was reportedly enraged. (Cue squealing piglet sound effect.) Hasselbeck should just lighten up. I hear Neiman-Marcus is having a special Loser's Sale November 5; you know she loves a bargain.