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Gossip Girl Gets A Spin-off!!! It Takes Place In The 80’s! They Do Know That Marc Jacobs Didn’t Exist Back Then Right? 15.Jan.2009

Serena and LilyYes. It has been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly that Gossip Girl is getting a spin-off but an unlikely one. There were rumors that it was going to be about Jenny Humphrey but who would want to lose the talent of Taylor Mullet-Head Momsen when they could hire a whole new cast instead. They have decided to make the show a pre-quel about the young Lily VanDerWoodsen in her teenage years in California when she was a groupie. The show has not been cast yet but it is supposed to debut in May which is really not too far away. Calling all Kelly Rutherford look-alikes! We also must assume that Rufus will make an appearance eventually. What will be truly amazing is to see the 80? s fashion because you know they will do a great job which means I would start getting prepared for a lot of 80? s parties this summer. Rufus